Healthy fast food

Lett, a healthy fast food concept that offers salads, soups and wraps in central Oslo. At Lett you can compose your own salad from a variety of healthy and seasonal ingredients. Lett quickly became popular by letting local businesses order their take-out online, and picking it up when ready, with their personal customer card. We are currently working on several new Lett salad bars. Visit

By involving Bielke&Yang early in our planning process they helped us to take a step back and start from scratch, in terms of having a more holistic approach to our identity. This resulted in us stripping down our business plan and developing a strong and timeless identity that we are very proud of today.

— Knut Andreas Berg, Lett

We love working with Christian and Martin. It's always full attention, strong visual guidance and with a delightful approach to all challenges.

— Jan Svartsund, architect at Brandl