Gay and Lesbian Health Norway

Helseutvalget is a politically independent and life stance neutral foundation in Norway, working to promote disease prevention in the LGBTQ+ community. We designed Helseutvalget’s new visual identity, website and printed materials, and helped them gathering all their initiatives under one visual profile.

Helseutvalget wished to stay relevant to their existing target groups, while attracting a wider audience through an inclusive and friendly identity update. They work with highly personal issues, and needed a modern, welcoming expression to lower the threshold for contact.

In 2016 Helseutvalget released a do-it-yourself HIV test for home use, an initiative completely new to the Norwegian market. This test formed the basis of our collaboration, and was at the core of the development of their new brand identity.

The new logomark consists of two people in an embrace, forming the letter H for Helseutvalget. This visual language was developed further with secondary icons and animations. Instructions for Helseutvalget’s HIV test were created in close collaboration with Dutch illustrator Hedof. The use of illustration adds a certain playfulness and acts to disarm content that would find people in a very vulnerable situation.

Helseutvalget received over one thousand orders for their HIV test within a week of the launch, and their website saw a manyfold increase in unique visits. The rebranding continues to be a success and has proven flexible enough to be used in formal reports, as well as festive events like Oslo Pride.

The identity for Helseutvalget has been honoured in design contents such as D&AD Awards, European Design Awards, Visuelt and DOGA’s Award for Design and Architecture.