Everything is Connected was the Norwegian group show at the 2017 Milano Furniture Fair. The exhibition featured craft objects and design prototypes, and meant to reflect the diversity in the Nordic creative industry, all the while underlining a common history and visual similarities. We were given the thrilling task of developing the exhibition identity, which marked the third Milan collaboration between three of Norway’s most influential design and craft organisations: Klubben, DOGA and Norwegian Crafts, as well as Jotun, one of the world’s most respected paint makers.

Everything is Connected’s identity focuses on the idea of connection; how every object and designer is an abstract consequence of their combined experience and place within Norway’s wider cultural narrative. With this as a starting point, silhouettes of the different objects are featured at the exhibition as a teaser to engage and intrigue people to discover how each designer created an object that is a balance of their own experience, but also the contrasting materials and techniques the have used to create these works. The photography and styling underpins the interconnectivity, using a series of mirrors to explore ideas of reflections and relationships.

Personal journeys became the cornerstone of the project, an angle which was most clearly explored in the exhibition catalogue: consisting of interviews with the designers and producers behind the exhibited objects, the catalogue includes geographic maps that show the unique journeys of the objects, designers and materials. And it details how these journeys factor in to the final form and expression of the objects.