Welcome Synne Flaa & Matthew Rea


We’re very excited to have Synne Flaa and Matthew Rea as part of our team this fall! Synne is as a freelance designer and will work on editorial and identity projects, Matthew is a talented, recent graduate from Ulster University School of Art (UK) and will be interning here in the coming months.

Leve Hytter


Leve Hytter’s cabins are timeless classics designed to live in, perfect for leisure through all seasons. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on their new identity and web presence. The symbol and website is a continuation of their design and quality-consicous values, as well as the human aspect; how people live their lives in their cabins. By marrying the two, the Leve Hytter universe is created.

Inger Marie Grini has captured this idea in the form of amazing exterior and interior photos. Strategy by Maskinen. Development by Værsågod.



The new brand identity and website we designed for Henry J Lyons launched this month. Henry J Lyon are one of Ireland’s largest architecture studios with 160 members of staff, and over the past century, they have designed some of Irelands most iconic buildings. Visit

Morten Håvik


We are very happy to introduce Morten Håvik to our team! Morten will be working with us as a graphic designer, focusing mainly on branding and digital projects.



Nyby is a Norwegian startup that we’ve been working with for the past year and a half. Together with the founding team, we’ve helped develop the service (UI/UX), designing the product and brand identity. The app is designed to provide a safe platform where we connect qualified healthcare workers, volunteers and communities in new ways. Nyby’s aim is to change how public services are organised, and to create real life interaction between real people.



We redesigned Arkitektnytt’s visual identity, printed magazine and website about a year ago. Here are some images of the first six issues.

Eline og Lars


Say hi to Eline & Lars! Eline Straumfors recently graduated from Westerdals with a Bachelor of Graphic Design, and has been working with us for the past four months. Lars Arve Bratteberg is joining our team as a designer to work with us on some exciting new projects this fall.



We love coffee, we love Talor & Jørgen and we love the new boxes that we made in collaboration with Janne Iivonen! If you haven’t already, sign up for their super tasty coffee at (also in english).