Pudder Agency


We just launched a new identity and website for Pudder Agency. You can read about our collaboration (in Norwegian) at Kreativt Forum.

Job openings


Vi are looking for a Senior Designer, a Senior Front-end Developer and a Project Manager to join us here in Oslo. More information on Homerun (in Norwegian).



We are thrilled to have been selected alongside Nordic Hotels & Resorts, LPO and GrecoDeco to work on a unique project over the coming years, Sommerro. A unique and ambitious project, and one of the greatest ventures of this kind Norway has seen; a neighbourhood hotel with several restaurants and bars, a large venue for cultural events, permanent housing—as well as Oslo’s first roof terrace with a swimming pool.

Direktoratet for strålevern og atomsikkerhet (DSA)


We have worked closely together with Direktoratet for strålevern og atomsikkerhet (Previously Statens Strålevern) on developing their new visual identity. DSA is the official Norwegian national authority and expert body on nuclear safety, radiation and radioactive contamination in the environment.

A. Huseby & Co


We have just started an exciting collaboration with A. Huseby & Co — one of Norways oldest furniture stores, and an institution in Oslo since 1889. Developing their new identity, we have dived into their extensive, well-kept archive of classic Scandinavian design ephemera. More coming soon!



We are honoured to receive the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture for Helseutvalget’s visual identity! The jury stated they “fell in love with Helseutvalget’s new logo. In its simplicity, it expresses both care and health, and appears exceptionally holistic across all surfaces”. View the full case.

Steffen Olsen


Happy to start the new year by welcoming Steffen Olsen to our team! Steffen previously worked at Kolonial and Spoon, and has several years of digital and editorial design experience. He’s got a keen eye for photography, and his Instagram is a boundless source of inspiration.

Welcome Synne Flaa & Matthew Rea


We’re very excited to have Synne Flaa and Matthew Rea as part of our team this fall! Synne is as a freelance designer and will work on editorial and identity projects, Matthew is a talented, recent graduate from Ulster University School of Art (UK) and will be interning here in the coming months.

Leve Hytter


Leve Hytter’s cabins are timeless classics designed to live in, perfect for leisure through all seasons. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on their new identity and web presence. The symbol and website is a continuation of their design and quality-consicous values, as well as the human aspect; how people live their lives in their cabins. By marrying the two, the Leve Hytter universe is created.

Inger Marie Grini has captured this idea in the form of amazing exterior and interior photos. Strategy by Maskinen. Development by Værsågod.