Founded in 2012, our studio specialises in branding and identity design. We work with a diverse selection of clients, from small start-ups to established companies and organisations, delivering bespoke solutions rooted in usability, creativity, aesthetics and craft.

We believe that good results come from close collaborations, joint ambitions and mutual respect. With a dedicated approach to each task at hand we use design to make a positive impact – for our customers and on our shared surroundings.

Capabilities and

● Strategy
● Naming
● Brand Identity
● Art Direction
● Environmental Design
● Packaging Design
● Editorial Design
● Digital Design
● Development
● Animation
● Film and photography
● Copywriting

Aspelin Ramm, Barneombudet,
Dignio, E24, Maaemo, Oda,
Obos, Aftenposten, DNT,
Økologisk Norge, Sommerro,
Klar, Lett, Operasjon Dagsverk,
Vestre, MDG, Dr. Dropin, ByTimo,
Norwegian Crafts, Holzweiler,
Fell Technology, Bareksten,
Dagens Næringsliv, Talormade,
Stryntrappa, DogA, Escalia,
A. Huseby, Leve Hytter, Oslo
Design Fair, Fjordfiesta, Northern,
Nasjonalmuseet, Nyby, Iben,
Boa Eiendomsmegling, Pudder.


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